Here is a selection of Asba drums from around the world.

Bob Spearing's brown acrylic kit

Andy Youell's Stainless Steel kit...

...and the "Russian Doll" set

The Cork-finish kit of Kenny Veinot

Andre Dollekamp's clear acrylic kit

Bob Estrougo's 1969 Blue Starlet

....and his mad stainless-steel toms

Mario de Laat couldn't part with his Soundlight kit

Axel Nunez-Falceto's amber Design Sound kit

Patrick Dellai chilling-out with some top kits

Michel Koot has a 1969 pearl-finish kit

Thierry Bondeux has been playing Asba since 1960

Yann Royer has found a rare copper-shelled kit

Bertil Verbaarchot has restored an acrylic kit

Frank Fertier has a great collection of French drums

The Be-bop kit

The red pearl kit of Michel Gisie

A 1970 Referrendum Concert Snare Drum

Metal-shelled Bongos

Vincent Vialard's conga set

Christian Raquin's 1964 jazz set...

...with the floor-tom tuning mechanism

Norwegian drummer Ulf Lauridsen


Fred Brieland has a classic jazz kit

Rik Bas Backer has a superb steel kit

Alexandre Berteaux has the sweetest jazz kit

Thierry Colas mixes Asba and Gretsch drums

German drummer Dieter Schopf plays an old Asba snare

The ASBA coupe of Roland Brultey