During the 1970s Asba became famous for their excellent stainless steel kits. The company experimented with other metals and they made
4 or 5 kits with copper shells.

Yann Royer found one of these kits near Strasbourg, in the east of France.

I talked to Marc Perin, Marketing Director from La Baguetterie, who gave me some informations : only 4 or 5 copy : one for Christian Vander,
one for the drummer of ANGE (a progressive french rock band from the 70's) and two for not known drummers... Maybe an other one but not sure.

Technically, these drums are very similar to the stainless steel drums - a simple sheet of metal that is bent and soldered to form a cylinder. The drums have a bead at each end of the cylinder to provide strength and the bearing edge is covered in a plastic sleeve.
The fittings are standard Asba pieces. The kit is loud - like the steel drums - but slightly darker and warmer. A rare beast indeed....