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T ASBA Caroline édition limitée

Le t-shirt rendant hommage à l'iconique pédale de grosse caisse Caroline

  • Série limitée : 100 ex.
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Couleur T-shirt
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16,58 €
Marquage : Jaune vintage
Couleur : Bleu marine ou Noir
Matière : Coton Premium
Taille : XS à XXL
T ASBA Caroline édition limitée - 1

La pédale Caroline est une véritable icône chez ASBA.

Créée en collaboration avec Daniel Humair dans les années 70, vendue sous licence Ludwig aux USA, elle a fait le tour du monde et signe le kick de nombreux albums n°1 dans les charts. Pour info, c’est avec une pédale Caroline que John JR Robinson a enregistré la plupart des tubes planétaires de Michael Jackson. Nous avons décidé de la rééditer dans les mois qui viennent… Pour patienter, notre graphiste Christophe Hamann nous a imaginé un t-shirt lui rendant hommage, dans le pur style des dessins relatifs au dépôt du brevet.

Questions & réponses
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Johnny Foster
le 18/10/2022
Question :

Wow, a little over a month away and with 2 pedals ordered through the best possible choice of a drum shop to work with in the United States, "The Drum Supply House" is making Christmas happen for quite a few drummers with being some of the first ones to own one or more of the first 200 made. I hope you all are ahead of yourselves in production and if not, right on time will be a beautiful thing. God Bless all of the team there and yes I'm still looking for my Medium Asba Caroline Tshirt, so let's make that happen too. Fitted stretch hats would be a hit too!!

Réponse :

Hi there,


Thanks so much for your message, we always appreciate our customers appreciation! On a different note, happy that you ordered via DSH, these guys are really playing the game and we are grateful for their support as a US dealer.

The pedals are supposed to be delivered before the 15th of December, so there might be a delay from France to USA. We’ll keep DSH posted in any case. About the Caroline teeshirt and hat, we are sold out but feel free to get back to us anytime soon. Best would be to order from Andy at DSH, just so everything is shipping at the same time.

Have a great day!

Musically, Maison ASBA

Myles Whitfield
le 07/10/2022
Question :

Do you sell parts for the Caroline?

Réponse :

Hello and thank you for your message.

We do not sell spare parts for the Caroline bass drum pedal.

Musically, Maison ASBA

Johnny Foster
le 14/08/2022
Question :

I've already pre ordered 2 Pedals from Drum Supply House in TN USA. Please make sure I get a Medium shirt. Even if I have to buy it , no problem there. Thanks Johnny

Réponse :

Hi Johnny, we'll save one for you!

Musically, Maison ASBA

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