Batteries ASBA  [fabricant d'instruments de musique]

Our drums

Versatility, ease of tuning, quality of manufacture... Since 1927, our drums are designed to help you reveal the musician in you. Whatever your level and style, enjoy yourself: be yourself!

Simone Series Drum Set

A clean, essential, simple look... The Simone series has already become a classic of its kind, with all the warmth and bass of its 6-ply American maple shells.

Simone Studio series drum set

The Simone drumset in a rock star version, with its Perfecto style cover and its amp handle fixed on the bass drum...

Simone Studio Pocket

Small in size and big in sound, the Simone Pocket range is a compact version that is as adventurous as you like. Ideal for improvised gigs, a music festival, a modestly sized room...

Metal Series Drum set

Invented in the 70's for Christian Vander, the iconic drummer of the band Magma... Rediscover the incredibly warm and controlled sound of a range entirely made of stainless steel!

Origine Series Drum set

A tribute to the drum kits that were a sensation in the USA in the 60's : 3-ply maple drums with chamfer reinforcement and 'Marine Pearl' finish for a trip in the tempo...

Revelation Series drum set

A name that still resonates in the hearts of all vintage drum enthusiasts and that we revive for you: molded hoops on all the toms, Okoumé (red mahogany) drums and finishes from our 60's and 70's catalogs...

Rive Gauche Series drum set

The reissue of the series which has the smell of the mythical clubs of Paris of the great era: Vintage shells and wood tints made by hand, long rods for an authentic look...


Drum kits as unique as you are! Numbered collections and special editions for even more exclusivity...


Our drums are made to help you reveal your personality. Take the experience even further with our many customization options...


Resolutely vintage, incredibly iconic, terribly Asba. Discover our new kits, always made in France with love and in accordance with the rules of the art.