ASBA snares drum [musical instrument manufacturer]

Our snares drums

Priority to your sound identity: Ease of tuning, versatility, quality of manufacture... All our snare drums are designed to help you create your own sound. Even more with TopLug (model chosen and approved by John JR Robinson), discover the exclusive and patented system to go even further in your creative freedom!

Top Lug John "JR" Robinson

Infinite tuning possibilities, from the finest to the craziest settings... Toplug is total freedom in customizing the tuning of your snare drum.

Simone Studio snare drum series

The Perfecto version of the Simone snare drum to face intensive recording sessions and wet concerts, with its ultra resistant coating identical to the Fender amps...

Simone Pocket snare drum

A great punch and snap! The most compact snare drum with only 6 rods and a size of 12x5.5 that fits in every musical style and every backpack!

Simone snare drum series

The iconic sound of American 6-ply maple, an entirely handcrafted finish, unequalled ease of tuning... Available in the most versatile of configurations: 14x 6.5.

Metal snare drum series

Metal work, a great tradition at ASBA since the first accessories created by Alfred Boudard in 1927...

Origine snare drum series

All the crunchy sound of the American maple snare drums of the 60's... 3 finishes, 3 depths, to turn you into a legendary drummer in 3 strokes!

Revelation snare drum series

The snare drum with a vintage sound par excellence with its chrome on die cast hoops, its Okoumé shells in 3 plies (red mahogany + poplar) and its chamfer reinforcements, to relive in your own way the sensations that inspired the greatest...

Rive Gauche snare drum series

Reissue of the iconic snare drum from the mythical clubs of the left bank in Paris... depths and handcrafted finishes available, optional chrome on die cast hoops to go even further in your in your search for the authentic sound...


Snare drums in ultra limited editions, numbered, even unique models for always more personalization in your musical aesthetic...


Customization down to the smallest detail, to go further and further in creating the snare drum the snare drum that would only look like you...


Worthy heirs to our famous Revelation and Super Revelation, our snare drums are designed to provide you with a unique and exclusive sound, whatever your playing style.