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methodology Triplet Control for the Snare Drums

Practice-book dedicated to 12/8 (beginner to professional level)

Guillaume Pihet, with his knowledge of North African rhythms but also of many styles from the African-American tradition, offers us with his "Triplet Control", a stick control oriented "ternary".

Whether in the technical chapter where fingering is explored in a progressive and very musical way, or in the very rich chapter of ternary systems, anyone wishing to refine their understanding of this universe must immerse themselves in this book. Texts will also help you to guide your work while remaining in the spirit of the systems.

Triplet Control for the snare drum is a practice-book dedicated to 12/8 (beginner to professional level). It will help you improve flexibility, endurance and precision while perfecting the various investments specific to triplet rhythm. A booklet essential for any drummer, percussionist and amateur rhythm, adaptable in all styles. Depending on your creativity, Triplet Control will be an inexhaustible source of triplet exercises on the snare, which you will transpose on the whole of the drumkit. "Improve your triplet feel"

Contains 3 chapters :


2- Systems

3- Reading in 12/8

ISBN : 978-2-9523968-0-6

44 pages / Format 18,5cm x27cm

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Triplet Control drums method [Music learning] - 1
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on 2022-05-16

Bonjour Je viens d acquérir la méthode triplet control. Je souhaiterai des explications sur la manière d appréhender la partie système avec les annotations du haut de page ? Cordialement


Bonjour et merci pour votre message.

Nous vous invitons à contacter Guillaume Pihet (créateur de cette méthode) afin qu'il puisse répondre à vos questions.

Voici son mail :

En vous souhaitant une belle journée.

Musicalement, Maison ASBA

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