copy of RESONANT HEAD FOR BASS DRUM asbaHEAD ATOMIC smooth white 22"

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- Resonant use, dampened sustain
- Head very easy to adjust
- Particularly "warm" sound in a reference to the vintage ASBA sound.
- High robustness and durability
- Allows you to play all styles
- Front Display Head
- Quality Aluminium Rim with Steel Core
- 7.5 mils PET Head with Clear Underside Dampening Ring
- Possibility to order skins with port , diameter 6 inches

After collaborating with 2 leading drumhead brands, we made the decision to produce our own series ASBAHEAD. Classic and reliable drumheads designed to meet our quality standards: tone, durability, easy adjustment, consistent tension, feel and style. This series of drum skins available for toms, bass drums and snare reflects the notorious DERMAPLASTIC drumheads made by ASBA between the 60s and 70s. 100% built and designed in France, the ASBAHEADS are produced in Taiwan’s high end drumhead factory exclusively for ASBA. We hope to one day bring it all under one roof in France.