The accessories, the hardware, is the whole of the material which makes it possible to assemble the elements of the drum kit and optimize the ergonomics of it. Originally, all the elements were fixed by clamps on the bass drum hoops. There were no cymbal stands, no brackets, not even a simple stool.

Few instruments require as many spare parts as a drum set. It is necessary to regularly replace the skins, renew the cymbals, change the sticks etc. The drum set business is a long-term one through the sale of accessories. A commonplace accessory today, the folding and adjustable snare drum tripod was patented in 1898 by Ulysse Georges Leedy.

In 1948, ASBA tried to solve the problems of the hardware and the transport of the battery in a single concept. This first battery manufactured by the brand, the Be-Bop offers many improvements. It has a box to store accessories. It is inserted into the bass drum and also transforms into a stool. The closed trap door is used as a shelf for sticks and small drums. All the legs, picks and brackets are retractable in the bass drum. An idea that facilitates storage and transport, but which is not very popular, probably because of the weight of the whole.

In the 70's, the drums became heavier. The bases of the cymbal stands were doubled, poles were used to raise the cymbals, but today, the equipment seems to be getting lighter again.

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