Like any musical instrument, the drums cannot be learned in 2 seconds. It takes hours and hours of practice and daily exercises to reach the best level. The greatest professional drummers train every day without respite to stay on top! However, one can want to discover the drums and know how to play some basics, to have fun, without necessarily having the ambition of a great musical career. A good "poum tchak" is not so bad!

As you can see, learning the drums is not something you can do in 5 minutes. It takes patience, practice, regularity and even determination to reach a correct level and to produce musical grooves... Learning alone can be an option, many famous drummers are self-taught. Nevertheless, without a teacher and without a method, one often persists in one's shortcomings which can prove to be blocking for a good progression. In solo learning, you don't benefit from the experience of an experienced drum teacher who knows the instrument perfectly and who will be able to train you progressively.

Learning the drums quickly is not really possible, because the real pleasure of playing the drums is also the time of learning... For the most impatient, there are many tutorials on social networks that give tips and tricks of drummers that can give a varnish and make the effect the time of an improvised gig. But the gesture that seems the simplest is often the most difficult to execute, if you want it to sound.

As with any practice, the first moments of learning the drums are sometimes discouraging and the first results are long in coming. You have to hold on, because with perseverance, things start to happen. When you have fun and patience, it can even happen by itself, in a snap of the fingers! Then you think you're Phil Collins, even if you're just at the beginning of the road, but that's what's good...

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Emmanuelle CAPLETTE

Control of the triplets for the snare drum