You have the drumhead in your skin? We will try to help you to choose the skins which will equip the drums of your drum...

And the drum light.

Sometimes in metric on old vintage kits, drumheads are nowadays all offered in inch units, the standard of the category. To know how much the diameter of your drums measures in inches, you just have to use a tape measure (dig in your grandmother's stuff if you need to)... Or measure in centimeters and apply the formula: X centimeter divided by 2,5 = X inch. Example: 35 cm divided by 2.5 = 14 inches.

Drumheads are like tires: they wear out, they can be changed, but they have to hold up. The choice is vast! Depending on the brand and fashion, you have a wide range of different drumheads. Which ones to choose ?

Drumheads for toms:

The most common choice: single-ply "clear" drumheads. Although fans of vintage drum kits will prefer "coated" single-ply drumheads, often recycled drumheads.

Snare Drum Resonant Heads:

The most common choice: clear single-ply ultra-fine drumheads, usually 3/1000ths or even 5mils.

Bass Drum Resonant Heads:

The most common choice is the sandy white "coated" drumhead or the bright white "smooth white" drumhead. Single ply drumheads, sometimes with a muffler - an additional perimeter ring for a more controlled, matte sound (less overtones). Often with a 5, 6 or 7 inch hole for a microphone head.


Single ply coated drumheads (white sanded). These drumheads are particularly recommended for those who like to play with finesse, with softness, in search of melodious and resonant sounds. Particularly appreciated by Jazz drummers, they require a great rigor of tuning.


Double ply drumheads. Ideal to obtain a mat sound. The double ply (2 layers of coating on top of each other) attenuates the highs and the sustain while increasing the attack and the longevity.

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Smooth/bright drumheads

Often the standard drumheads that are used in kits (which is not the case at ASBA, all our drums and snare drums are equipped with premium coated drumheads). White or transparent, they offer a more open, clearer sound than sanded drumheads.

Hybrid drumheads

Double ply drumheads equipped with a second layer, sometimes thinner, or even with a slight muffler-type circle to obtain a more controlled, matte sound... This is the option we have chosen to equip all our drums at ASBA.

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But what does the smooth drumhead do?

Sanded coated drumhead or clear or smooth white drumhead? The finish of the drumhead is decisive in the sound you want. A smooth drumhead will give your sound a lighter tone, a coated drumhead a better control and a rounder feel. On a snare drum, the sanded finish (drumhead) is essential for those who play brooms, because the roughness and grain will give all the richness to the sound sought.


All drummers agree on the subject: it's all about tuning. We have made many videos that deal with this subject in the form of tutorials with lots of tips that are very easy to reproduce at home. The quality of the chamfer is also very important, because it is there that the contact between the drumhead and the barrel is made. Therefore the resonance. This is why, at ASBA, we attach extreme importance to the work of our chamfers, all of which are passed through a precision control bench.