Drums are put to a lot of stress during concerts and transportation if they are not protected by hardcases or covers designed for this purpose. And even if they never leave the room, the drums get dusty very quickly. An adapted and regular maintenance is thus necessary if you wish to preserve your musical instrument in perfect state!


All the metal parts fixed on the barrel (fittings) are generally chromed. You can bring back the shine because these parts, even if they are stainless, can tarnish with time. The cheapest and easiest way to do this is to take an old rag and a little soapy water and patiently scrub each part. If that's not enough, you can also replace the soap with baking soda or household white vinegar.

The shells

You must adapt the maintenance of your acoustic drums according to the nature of the drum, its finish, its coating. But in all cases, it is preferable to choose a test area before attacking the whole drum (under the bass drum for example) and to use a non-abrasive cloth. Plastic or acrylic drums can be cleaned with liquid glass, as well as drums with a 'rhodoid' type coating. But a solution of water + Marseille soap or dishwashing liquid can perfectly do the trick.

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On wooden shells, a microfiber cloth or a chamois will suffice to bring back the surface shine, without any product to add. If the barrel is particularly dirty or stained, you can moisten the cloth very lightly before applying it, using circular movements. On varnished wooden barrels, you can also add a few drops of household white vinegar. The shiny finish can be achieved with a soft cloth lightly impregnated with wood oil.

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On stainless steel shells like our Metal model, or copper, brass or aluminum, there are specific products in the market to remove fingerprints. Otherwise, the most economical solution is the famous recipe of water + cider vinegar, which is very effective in removing stains. The same recipe can be used to clean your accessories such as cymbal stands, toms stands, Charley pedals (hardware)...

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The cymbals

There are two schools of thought! Some think that the patina of time and the work of the cymbals contribute to the beauty of the copper which takes on a beautiful aged aspect over the years... Others want cymbals to shine as on the first day, even if they already have a lot of miles on the clock. Beware, chemical or specialized products are decried by the greatest specialists! We prefer, once again, the simple use of water and soap with a soft cloth...