To each his own morphology and therefore his ideal position.

The stool

The right height of stool is essential for your playing comfort. It all depends on your morphology. As a general rule, your feet are placed flat on the pedals, the angle between the thigh and the calf should be about 90° (a little more if you play the pedals with the tip of your feet). Your knees should be shoulder width apart.

The snare drum

The snare drum is placed between your knees, a little higher than the height of your thighs (not too low, otherwise your wrists will hit your thighs, not too high, otherwise you will force your shoulders). The olive of the drumsticks should be able to touch the center of the drumhead without effort.

The toms

Same for the toms. Close your eyes and try to imagine your kit. Air drum your toms, open your eyes, you have the ideal height and inclination. Try to reproduce this setting to get as close as possible to the real thing.

Hi-hat and bass drum pedals

The hi-hat and bass drum pedals are usually played with the tip of the foot. It is the whole leg that strikes. The bat of the bass drum pedal should be set to hit the center of the drumhead.


Once the drums are set up, let's move on to the cymbals. The ride is usually located on the right side (for right-handed players). It is played with the olive and its dome with the drumstick body. The crash is usually located on the left (for right-handed players). It is played with the drumstick body on the edge. Caution! Do not tighten the cymbals tilter, it must be able to move freely. If you tighten it too much, you risk cracking your cymbal quickly. For this reason we offer you ASBLOCK, an innovative system that allows you to get rid of the clamping constraints while securing your cymbal fixation.

The height of the hi-hat cymbals also depends on your body type. If you play with your arms crossed, they should not be too high (otherwise you will strain your shoulders), nor should they be too low (otherwise you will have no amplitude).

To each his morphology and his equipment. What is good for one drummer will not necessarily be adapted to another. The goal is to be comfortable and to minimize the physical efforts.

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