Like any discipline, it is better to start with good equipment. Even if this represents a larger investment than a first price, i.e. low-end, drum set, it will have several advantages. Indeed, a well-made drum will always have a better resale value if you give up after a few months of learning. If you are 'hooked' and you decide to continue your initiation, you will get better progress with a quality drum and you will enjoy it longer. In fact, as you learn, your sound requirements will increase, and here again, a low-end drum set will quickly limit your progress.

Which drum configuration to start with?

To start, there is no need to go for heavy configurations like John Bonham... A 'jazette' to start with is perfect! So choose an 18 or 20 inch bass drum, completed with a 10 inch treble tom, a 12 inch medium tom and a 14 inch bass tom. With this starter kit, you can already explore many different ways of learning your instrument. Particularly versatile, this configuration will be able to accompany you in your first steps as well as during your first concerts and even, why not, in your first studio sessions, whatever your musical style: Jazz, Rock, Funck, Pop, Rap...

Which snare drum to buy to start ?

Here again, choose quality! The snare drum is the main instrument of your kit, it's the one you're going to play the most frequently and spend hours practicing in paraddidle for example... So you might as well practice without making your ears suffer at each drumstick stroke. Also many mechanical parts are present on a snare drum (trigger, timbre...). We recommend a 14" snare drum to start with, the ideal size for its versatility, with an intermediate depth of 5.5 or 6.5 inches. With this you can build a lot of progress and musical projects. We have also created a mini snare drum in 12x5,5, perfect for beginners, very efficient and very versatile despite its small size.

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