Since the creation of our brand in 1927, ASBA has always defended the excellence of French manufacturing quality.

This will never change. ASBA is made in France and proud of it!

When we relaunched ASBA in 2017, the investment in equipment to remanufacture the barrels in our workshop was far too much for us. So we made the decision to outsource the manufacturing of some parts and our drums.

With time, we hope to be able to relocate within our own factory!

Our raw material is above all grey matter. We have therefore rewritten all of our manufacturing specifications, taking up point by point the exclusive manufacturing specificities of ASBA since the origins. At the same time, we have realigned them with today's quality standards and technological advances. This requirement concerns all our fittings and all our metal (stainless steel) drums as well as our wooden drums (wood selection, thickness and direction of the folds, gluing techniques...).

It took us more than two years to test and select the companies capable of reproducing our initial fabrications, while respecting our technical data and our quality requirements.

The subcontractors we have selected are located in France and/or in Europe according to our supply needs. They produce for us exclusively and under a confidentiality agreement, in order to keep our unique specificities secret. We receive our manufactured tubes at the factory and transform them into musical instruments: cutting, drilling, chamfering, finishing, adding chamfer reinforcements according to the range... All operations are done by hand.

The ASBA drums and snare drums that we offer today are all made in our factory located in Lyon, France, in the historical district of the Croix-Rousse, classified as a World Heritage Site.