If jazz drummers prefer small dumsets most of the time, it is quite different for rock drummers. Indeed, to send big sound, we will start talking about 22 or 24 inches bass drums, and 16 or 18 inches bass toms (or both), completing the whole with 12 inches and 13 inches suspended toms... It's not a rule, let's say it's in the majority of cases.

To summarize, 22/13/16 for a 'basic' rock kit, 24/12/14/16/18 for a big kit like we did for London Hudson, the young charismatic drummer of Suspect 208...

On the snare side, same fight. Big sound means big depths. 14x6,5, then 14x7 or even 14x8 in snare dimensions... Metal snares are also very appreciated for their slamming sound, our Steel Loving You model in 14x5,5 made of steel became very quickly a classic of the rock scene.

The power and infrabass of American maple also seems to be a favorite among rock musicians.

For the drumheads, set 'fat', the use of the double fold on the toms is very common while on the bass drum, we will choose drumheads equipped with muffler to limit the harmonics and gain in power...

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