The best acoustic drum is the one that makes you want to play, play, and play again and again! There is no really objective answer to this question... We can just give some indications that will anyway create controversy all justified!

To help you answer this question, we can still give you some hints that will guide you in your choice, when buying a drum set... Depending on the musical style you want to play.

The best acoustic drums for Rock

Configuration: Basic, we could say 22 or 24 inch bass drum depending on the style of Rock you play; 12 or 13 inch toms or both; 14 inch bass tom + 16 inch bass tom or 16 inch bass tom associated with an 18 inch bass tom. Stamped hoops for more open sounds or molded hoops for more fat and controlled sounds. Wood species: maple drums for big rock with rich and generous bass or metal drums for clean attacks and powerful sounds; mahogany drums for more vintage sounds and old school rock. Your rock drumset is to be completed by a wooden snare drum (size 14x6,5 minimum or metal 14x5,5 for example)

Setting the drumheads in 'fat' bass mode

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Metal drums Rock

The best acoustic drum for Funk

Again, these are just a few ideas... It's up to each of you to make your own opinion on the subject but, basically, you could look at it like this: 20 or 22 bass drum depending on the style of Rock you play; 10 inch tom paired with a 12 inch tom; 14 inch bass tom or 16 inch bass tom. Stamped hoops for a more open sound. Wood species: maple or mahogany drums for generous and controlled sustain, with a medium or high pitched drumhead setting. For the snare drum, a 12 or 14 diameter with a short/medium depth is preferred for snap and responsiveness.

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The best acoustic drums for jazz

The 'jazzette' configuration has become a sort of standard in the category, over time... 18 or 20 inch bass drum (more versatile) 10 inch tom or 12 inch tom; 14 inch bass tom. For wood species: maple or mahogany drums (for old school jazz lovers, completed with molded hoops), with tight high pitched drumheads to make the harmonics sing; sanded (or coated) snare and toms heads. 14x5 inch, 14x5,5, 14x6... (short or intermediate depth) snare drum in wood or metal.

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What if the best acoustic drum kit was defined by its versatility?

The configuration of your kit is important depending on your musical style. However, you can play anything you want with any kit, if and only if your drums are easy to set up and tune. This is called versatility. This is one of the strong points of our drums: the rigor brought to the exclusive knowledge of our bevels (see 'ASBA Drumhead Fit Control') allows you to tune any ASBA drum to the note you want, where kits of other brands find their sonic excellence only on the condition of a specific and particular tune. It is for this main quality that many studios choose to equip themselves with our musical instruments, as well as many producers looking for musical instruments able to tune to all their projects.