The bass drum is the largest drum in the drum kit. It is therefore the resonance box that provides the loudest and lowest sound. There are bass drums made of different types of wood, metal, plexi, fiberglass... So many choices for different sounds!

Bass drum size for Jazz

Traditionally, the drum kits for playing jazz offer small sizes in bass drum. We commonly find 18" or 20" diameter bass drums in this category. The depths can vary according to taste and fashion, ranging from 12 inches to 18 inches. Many jazz musicians choose our maple or mahogany models, our metal range is also very popular in configurations around the 20 inch bass drum...

Bass drum size for Rock

Big sound, big size! The most popular bass drums on the Rock scene are often 22 inches. The great comeback of vintage drums has also brought back the 24" bass drums a la Bonzo! (John Bonham, Led Zepplin's iconic drummer). The depths of vintage bass drums are mostly 14 inches for a diameter of 22 or 24 inches... But it can go up on rock kits, with more important depths: 16, 18 or 20 inches...

Bass drum size for Funk

The most common bass drums on the drumsets of funk drummers are 20 or 22 inches in diameter, with depths of 14 or 16 inches. These drums offer enough power and control in these sizes to fit this style of music. We are talking about generalities here, again each musician has his personal preferences in this matter.

Bass drum size to play everywhere

As we said in the introduction, the bass drum is the largest element of the drum kit. The advantage is that the bass drum provides a big sound capable of going down into the sub-bass for the largest diameters. The disadvantage is its size. That's why we offer the Studio Pocket 20 inch bass drum (Simone series) in maple which, despite its shallow depth (only 5.5 inches), offers an incredibly powerful sound for its size.