Here, I might as well tell you right away, we will inevitably defend our brand! It is necessary to say that we manufacture them for you with passion, love, as always since the beginning of the existence of our manufacture in 1927.

The quality of our shells

All our shells are manufactured according to exclusive technical specifications that respect the original manufacturing secrets of our brand. Far from the standardized large series like Keller barrels or others, our barrels are unique.

Our historical know-how

Since 1927, our brand has been the embodiment of excellence in the French manufacture of musical instruments throughout the world. We do everything to perpetuate this heritage, even today. In terms of acoustic quality as well as finishing, manufacturing and innovations. Our TopLug snare drum (John JR Robinson signature model) is the embodiment of all this know-how.

French manufacturing

Do you remember the old ad that said "Our shopping is our jobs"? If the wording seems outdated today, the statement is still as relevant as ever, at a time of brand globalization. From the initial workshop located in Limeil Brevannes on the outskirts of Paris, there was nothing left. We therefore recreated the entire production tool, the spare parts, and our factory in Lyon in the Croix Rousse district, famous for its old silk workshops. The ASBA team represents today 10 people.

The versatility of our musical instruments

What makes the durability of a musical instrument, besides its quality of manufacture, is its versatility. Our drums and snare drums are made to accompany you in your artistic progression, whatever your level. Their ease of tuning allows you to adapt your sound to the diversity of your projects and your acoustic explorations, without ever setting limits.

Working with our artists

Since the beginning of the brand, artists have played a central role in our technical progress. Yesterday, the famous Caroline pedal was the result of a close collaboration with the great jazz drummer Daniel Humair... To name just one example! Today, we continue this tradition by welcoming in our workshops many professional drummers and teachers who help us to progress constantly by their feedback, their requirements, their perfectionism... Recently, the creation of the ASBALOCK cymbal attachment system with Raphael Séguinier or the invention of our TopLug snare drum are proof of this.