ASBA always manufactured its own drumheads until the 70's, even if a partnership had been established with the famous manufacturer REMO at the end of the 70's, beginning of the 80's. In the 60's, the abandonment of the 'metric' standard and the passage to the 'inch' unit was, at ASBA, characterized in several points: the in-house creation of specific tooling to produce 'Mylar' (plastic) drumheads, the creation of a specific brand of drumheads 'DERMAPLASTIC', and the appearance of a stamped marking inside the drums 'Made to international dimensions' to underline the transition to the new standard imposed by the American manufacturer, who had become the leader in this specialty.

It is in this logic that we have, contacted REMO to equip our new models, during the relaunch of our brand in 2017.

Unfortunately, the minimum quantities imposed for the first order were too high. EVANS USA made us the best offer, combining reactivity, flexibility and premium quality of its productions.

Our first marketed models were equipped with ASBA/Evans drumheads. But, anxious to respect the DNA of our brand, we always kept in mind the idea of making our own drumheads, according to our own specifications.

That's how we came up with our ideal ASBA drumheads and snare heads, specially designed for our drums. This is how the ASBAHEAD Iconic, ASBAHEAD Dynamic and ASBAHEAD Atomic drumheads were born, with no gluing, but rather stamping, just like the old ASBA Dermaplastic. The logo and the suffix of the names in 'IC' (Dynamic, Iconic,...) of the new ASBAHEADs also pay tribute to the past.