How much does a drum set cost?

Sorry for the comparison, but drums (musical instruments) are a bit like cars: there are drums at all prices, and sometimes the only common point between all of them is the number of wheels / the number of toms. To go to the extremes, you can find used drums without accessories from 100 or 200 € in 20x12x14 configuration and new drums without accessories or cymbals in identical configuration at 3 000, 4 000 or even 6 000€!

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Some market data :

Between 100 and 1 000 $: 50% of acoustic drums sales in the world. Made in China.

Between 1000 and 3000 $ : 35% of acoustic drums sales in the world. Chinese manufacturers and local manufacturers according to the country of origin of the brand of the drum set

+ More than 3000 $ : 15% of the sales of acoustic drums in the world. Mainly local manufacturing and artisanal methods

What makes the price of a drum set?

Basically, what justifies such price differences from one brand to another, from one model to another, with equivalent configuration? Several manufacturing criteria come into play in the selling price of a new acoustic drum set:

  • The origin of the materials
  • The quality of the materials used: covering, shells (quality of wood species, origin...), fittings (metal parts), drumheads, screws...
  • The price of local labor (and its qualification)
  • The manufacturing method: assembly line in a factory or handmade by unit, the know-how...
  • The costs of distribution, promotion, logistics...
  • The transport costs: road, air, sea, by container or by unit...

In the price of a drum set, these are all criteria, and many others, that must be taken into consideration when comparing one drum set to another. In instrument making too, excellence is in the details!

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