The snare drum is perhaps the instrument that is played the most on your drum set. What differentiates the snare drum from all the other shells is its metallic tone pressed against the resonant skin via the trigger (the lever placed on the left side of the snare drum). It is the clearer sound of this shell compared to the other toms that gave it its name.

One snare drum, many possibilities.

There are many ways to play the snare drum, depending on the different sounds you want to obtain. So, how to get different sounds and effects from the same snare drum?

Playing the snare drum with brooms.

Very popular with jazz drummers, brooms require specific playing techniques, depending on the sounds you are looking for. Please note that the effect of the broom sliding on the snare drum can only be produced when in contact with a sanded (coated) head. Unlike sticks, drum sticks are mainly used to obtain very soft and subtle sounds, obtained mainly by rubbing against the head.

Change the sound of the snare drum with the snare trigger.

Using the trigger, you can change the sound of your snare drum at any time. By moving the tone strings away from the head, you can achieve a tom-like sound. U2 drummer Larry Mullen Jr. has used this as his signature sound on many of the band's tracks. On the other hand, by placing the tone against the resonant skin, you get the characteristic metallic sound of the snare drum. This is the way drummers play their snare drum in most cases.

Playing the snare drum in rim shot.

Probably the favorite technique of rock and metal drummers! Indeed the rim shot allows you to produce a very powerful sound and an impressive attack of the snare drum. To get a rim shot, you have to hit the skin with the olive of your stick and, at the same time, the ring of the snare drum with the neck of the stick. With a little practice, you'll find that this way of tapping gives you an incredible resonance of the shell and the hoop, as well as many nuances of dynamics, depending on the position of the stick in relation to the center of the head. Experiment with the rim shot and you'll see how much richer the sound is when you play your snare drum!

Playing the rim click on a snare drum.

The rim click is widely used by reggae musicians. This technique consists of pressing the stick against the head, between the center of the head and the metal circle. We lift the stick only on the metal circle side to hit it, while keeping the resonance transmitted via the part of the stick placed on the shell. Depending on the height and the place where the stick is tapped, you can obtain different rim click notes. Martin Ditcham, Sade Adu's songwriter and drummer, plays the rim click perfectly on "the sweetest taboo" Depending on the type of shell, the banding, the stick you use, the part of the stick where you tap the circle, the way you hold the stick... The sound of the rim click will be very different. You'll be amazed at the possibilities of this technique! Feel free to explore...

Playing the snare drum circle.

Every part of your snare drum can be musical. So you can hit only the metal circle of your snare drum with the neck of your sticks and get a very clean metallic sound.

Playing Ghost notes on the snare drum.

Ghost notes have the advantage of giving more groove and swing to your playing. Ghost notes bring a lot of dynamic nuances as well as multiple possibilities of rhythmic dressings. But in fact, what is a ghost note? They are actually notes played very weakly on the skin of a snare drum, often placed between the beats played more strongly. It is an ornamental note used to play a 'flam' which consists in playing 2 strokes simultaneously on the snare drum. The ornamental note is played at a low intensity followed by the main hit played at a higher intensity.

Invent your own snare drum tuning.

At ASBA, our goal is to allow drummers to develop their own sound signature and to stimulate their musical creativity. All of our snare drums are designed with this in mind and provide all the versatility needed to experience the sound. Thus we have invented a revolutionary snare drum in terms of tuning possibilities: the TopLug snare drum snare drum allows you to explore infinite possibilities to change the sound of your instrument at will. at will. This innovation was praised by the most recorded drummer in the history of music, John JR Robinson who honored us by choosing it as his signature model.

With this snare drum, you can choose at any time the position and the number of your clamping shells as well as on the tone side as on the strike side.