ASBA percussion instruments have been very successful all over the world.

Many fans of the brand, percussionists, write to us regularly from all over the world: Brazil, USA, England... It must be said that at the time, in the 70's, even the famous Abbey Road studios were equipped with them, giving rise to many photos with the 4 boys in the wind, The Beatles. We see Ringo Starr playing and even eating during the break, on his congas! Another archive image also shows all 4 Beatles going crazy, gathered around an ASBA congas...

When we took over the brand in 2017, we had to make choices. From the old factory, there was unfortunately nothing left. So we had to recreate everything: workshops, molds for spare parts, etc. We also had to set priorities in our investments. So we concentrated on making drums and snare drums in the first instance.

Many 'ASBA vintage' spare parts are available on specialized websites. Check out the FaceBook page 'ASBA France Vintage' where many expert fans of the brand exchange daily classified ads and restoration tips.

If you want to start repairing your ASBA musical instrument, percussion, we can not help you because we could not recover any part of the old stock. We are sorry about that. We have plans to remanufacture our famous percussion instruments one day, but this is not planned for the near future.