The tuning of the drums, the toms, the bass drum, the snare drum, it is always a vast subject!

Everyone has his own recipe, even his own little secret... There are nevertheless some rules, basics, fundamentals to know in order to find the best possible tuning according to one's style and desire. To each his own color, note and musical signature!

The choice of drumhead is of course very important in the tuning of your instrument. Everyone has their own brand, preferences and experiences! Those we offer at ASBA are designed to hold the tuning with great stability, thanks to their particularly rigid strapping, and to the glueless process of stamping the plastic film.

At ASBA, we take extreme care in the manufacture of your musical instrument, including the chamfers. This is where the ease of adjustment of the barrels, the tuning of the instrument and the versatility of the whole are at stake. And the versatility of each of our drums and snares, so appreciated by recording studios and sound engineers.

For you, we have made many tutorial videos that will help you to better understand the setting of your kit or the tension of your snare drum. Our drumtechs are all drum teachers, they give you their tips in pictures, you can test and reproduce, or you can bring your own suggestions in comments of the videos.

Discover, learn and improve your drumming skills on our ASBA Drums ACADEMY channel with Denis Simon