One of the best drummers of all time

Keith Moon was characterized by his exuberant and innovative way of playing drums as well as his eccentric and self-destructive behavior, which earned him his fame and the nickname "Moon the Loon" ("Moon the Crazy"). 

He played on every Who album and single, from the first I Can't Explain to Who Are You, released in 1978 three weeks before his death from a drug overdose at age 32.

Keith Moon's playing, both technical and anarchic, full of toms rolling, cymbals percussion, and double bass drumming, made him one of the greatest drummers in rock history.

Notorious bands / collaborations of Keith Moon:

The Who; Tony Fletcher; Roger Daltrey; Herman's Hermits; John Entwistle; Pete Townshend; Yardbirds; Jeff Beck; Led Zeppelin; Jimmy Page; John Paul Jones; Harry Nilsson; John Lennon...


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