He has performed all over the world

Guillaume Nouaux is a French jazz drummer, author, composer and bandleader. Awarded the Prix de l'Académie du Jazz and the Prix du Hot Club de France for several albums, he has performed on numerous stages and jazz festivals around the world.

Notorious bands / collaborations of Guillaume Nouaux:

Jacques-François Juskowiak; New Fisher Band; Creole Pinasse Hot Jazz Band; Marc Laferrière; Irakli; Maxim Saury; Marcel Zanini; Claude Tissendier; Olivier Franc; Dan Vernhettes; Leroy Jones; Evan Christopher; Lucien Barbarin; Wendell Brunious; Donald Harrison; Lillian Boutté; Duke Heitger; Jacques Gauthé; Tim Laughlin; Banu Gibson; Don Vappie; David Torkanowsky...


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