Learning drums

At ASBA, priority is given to learning the drums! It has always been in our genes... Alfred Boudard was a great friend of Dante Agostini and it is together that they founded the first school in Paris. So our instruments are made to help each musician to find his own playing, his style, his pleasure, his sound signature. In all simplicity, in two turns of the key.

In this section, we offer you some teaching tools, methods & videos. It's your turn to play!

How to quickly tune your snare drum?

How to set your snare wire quickly and easily?

How to tune your rack tom?

How making a good tuning for the floor tom?

How to tune your bass drum?

A break in sextolet!

Very speed break!

Manage flows with a basic rhythm.

Bubbles "drums".

Rhythmic Turning.

Work on your drumming coordination.

Easy to play groove!

An exercise to start playing the drums.

All our videos here!