Errol Parker is a French jazzman, pianist, organist, drummer and composer, born Raphaël Schecroun on October 30, 1925 in Oran (Algeria), died on July 1, 1998 in New York.

After attending the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris, he chose to be a jazz musician. In May 1950 he played with Django Reinhardt, then he was part of the Be Bop Minstrels, recorded some sides with Kenny Clarke and James Moody. He played with Don Byas and then formed a trio with Roland Haynes and Ron Jefferson. In 1960 he released an album under the pseudonym "Errol Parker" which was a big commercial success. In 1964 he opened a club in Paris, the Ladybird, but in 1965 he was the victim of a car accident which, because of an injury to his right shoulder, handicapped him to play the piano with velocity. In 1968 he left for New York where he played with free-jazz musicians. He decided to learn the drums. In 1989 he published his last album Compelling forces.


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