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You want to learn the drums because it is your favorite musical instrument? There are many schools all over the world that have developed teaching methods adapted to your desires and abilities. Many drummers also offer private lessons at home or in their own rehearsal room or studio. The big trend is also towards music schools that offer online, video or live lessons...

At first, the only mandatory investment is the purchase of a pair of drumsticks... You will find many models of drumsticks, from 5 to 30 € depending on the brand, the signature, the quality. We have developed a pair of drumsticks specially designed for learning, exclusively at ASBA. The principle is simple: a graduation along the body of the drumstick allows you to find the best position to hold it. StickEasy, the first pair of drumsticks designed for beginners by teachers!

Many learning methods exist. They are more or less complete, and offer different approaches. It's up to you to find the one that suits you best. One of the most famous methods of learning the drums was created by Dante Agostini, creator of the network of schools of the same name. There is also a dedicated course in the National or Regional Conservatories of music, do not hesitate to inquire.

Currently, many courses or masterclasses are also available on the internet, free or paid. This can be an excellent way to get started as a beginner drummer, or to refine and perfect your playing. Great professional drummers offer to share their knowledge with you on video. At ASBA we have created many videos that invite you to discover the drums, whatever your level, beginner, intermediate or advanced ... Anyway, we remain an apprentice for life! Settings, turning, breack, tension of drumheads, patterns... Our videos will allow you to approach many subjects to learn in the best conditions, with our professional drummers.

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