"There is no such thing as a stupid question, only a stupid answer".

It is said that Albert Einstein would have said that (between us, we can hardly verify...).

In any case, many of you often ask us the same questions. And since we find them particularly interesting, we have done our best to give you answers that match your interest in our brand of batteries. Eureka !

How do I become an ASBA " endorsed " drummer, what are the conditions?

Are you (almost) as famous as Greg Jacks, Richard Kolinka or François Soulier? Join the ASBA family, apply to become an official drummer!

How to become an ASBA partner music school?

The best of French drums at the service of the best pedagogy... ASBA, official partner of the learning of drums since always, proposes partnerships with the schools and the conservatories which wish it.

Are your musical instruments made in France?

ASBA, drums, bass drums and snare drums made in France with love since 1927... Cock-a-doodle-doo!

Do you make drum heads for toms, snare drums and bass drums?

For you, we have designed the ideal skins to reveal your sound signature... Discover ASBAHEAD, the new brand of drumheads developed by ASBA.

Do you make metric drumheads that fit the old ASBA drum sets?

We are sometimes asked the question... It is true that the metric dimensions were used for a long time by the large battery factories, until the 50's, even 60' for some...

In which music stores can you find your drum kits?

France, Europe, USA, Canada... Discover the list of our musical instrument stores musical instruments stores, selected for you.

Where are your ASBAHEAD drumheads made?

With the heritage of the 'Dermaplastic' developed by ASBA in the 60's, we have now decided to design the new ASBAHEAD drumhead in collaboration with one of the one of the world's largest manufacturers...

Where can we see demos of your musical instruments, drums or snare drums?

See before you buy, it is essential to choose your drum set or your snare drum. Many videos are available on the internet, shot in the best listening conditions.

Can you make custom drums or snare drums?

Do you want a custom drum set model that is really made for you according to your desires? Discover our drums made in France with high customization power...

Do you have spare parts for old models of the brand, drums, congas or percussion instruments?

Are you starting to fix your favorite musical instrument? We do not yet offer our spare parts for retail sale, but we are working on it...

Where is your drum factory located?

Located in Lyon, France, in the historic district of Croix-Rousse, our drum and snare drum factory welcomes you, by appointment... An opportunity to meet the team, visit the workshop and test our models!

Can we come and see how your musical instruments are made?

Would you like to visit our drum workshop? We welcome you with pleasure with pleasure at the workshop.... Let's organize your visit, by appointment only!

How to become a "Selected Store"?

Would you like to become an ambassador for the brand that embodies the excellence of "made in France" throughout the world? We are constantly developing our network of musical instrument stores in France, Europe and around the world...

In which countries do you deliver your drums and musical instruments?

We can ship all our products, bass drums, drum kits and snare drums anywhere in the world, directly to your home or "click and collect" in the store of your choice... Contact us!

How to adjust my drums ? How to set up the toms? What are the right settings for the snare and bass drums?

To each his own recipes and secrets. We are happy to share ours with you... Discover our many video tutorials on our YouTube channel...

Where to learn to play the drums? How to improve your snare drumming?

Learning and teaching have always been part of the founding values of the ASBA brand. Remember the days of Dante Agostini, Kenny Clarke and Alfred Boudard, the founder of our factory...

Do you repair ASBA musical instruments (Congas, bogos, tymbals, drum sets...)?

We do not yet offer a repair service dedicated to old ASBA battery kits, but we can give you the best addresses of specialized workshops...

What are the opinions of the drummers who play with ASBA?

The feedback of the artists who play with our drum kits is essential. It's thanks to them that we are constantly improving! Pro drummers, teachers, sound engineers, experts, beginners... every opinion counts.

How to learn to play the drums?

You want to learn the drums because it is your favorite musical instrument? You should know that there are many schools all over the world that develop teaching methods adapted to your desires and abilities.

How to learn the drums quickly?

Like any musical instrument, drums cannot be learned in 2 seconds. It takes hours and hours of practice and daily exercises to reach the best level...

How to get a good bass drum sound?

A big question, especially if we consider that the first question to ask is : What is a good bass drum sound...?

How to choose your acoustic drums ?

When asked "What is a good drum set?", Christophe Deschamps, Jean Jacques Goldman's emblematic drummer, answered: "It's simple: it has to be beautiful and it has to sound...".

How to choose the right drumheads?

You have the drums in your skin? We will try to help you to choose the drumheads that will equip the shells of your drums...

How to choose your drums (instrument)?

Vast question! The choice is vast, very vast, especially if we add to the reflection the electronic drums...

How to choose a snare drum head?

On a snare drum (as on all the shells of your drum set) you have 2 types of skins. The batter head (top) and the resonant head (bottom).

How to install your acoustic drum kit?

Placing your drum set in the middle of your living room is not necessarily a good idea. Yes, it is the most beautiful, but it is better to dedicate a room to it, just for it...

How to measure drumheads?

Until the 50's and 60's, drum makers used to make their own toms and snare drum heads out of real animal skins...

How to clean an acoustic drum set?

The drums are submitted to a hard test during concerts, transport, if they are not protected by 'hardcase' or covers provided for this purpose ...

How to tune the snare drum?

The tuning of a snare drum can seem difficult for the neophytes, however there are some simple tricks to reproduce to help you find the right tuning. We have made a few videos available on our YouTube channel to guide you with pictures and diagrams...

How to know the size of the drum toms?

Today (and since the 60's) all drum toms dimensions are expressed in inches (imperial unit). Previously, many European brands (including ASBA) manufactured in metric dimensions...

When to change the heads of a drum set?

The drumhead that should be changed most often is the snare drum, as it is the most played of the whole kit. In the case of a sanded head, it is when the granular effect of the head disappears that it is advisable to change the head.

Which wood for an acoustic drum set?

Even if there are acoustic drums made of other materials than wood (see ASBA metal drums), it is nevertheless the most commonly used material in the world...

What note to tune a drum set?

When a drum set is properly tuned, it produces not only impact sounds, but notes (each drum has its own pitch). For some drummers, it becomes a melodic instrument.

How to tune the toms of a drum set?

Turn down the snare drum and get a drum tuning key. Start by tuning the resonant head of the highest tom.

How to tune an acoustic snare drum set?

Turn the snare drum over and start by adjusting the resonant head. Lower the timbre and place a stick between the skin and the timbre (the stick rests on the hoop)...

How to position an acoustic drum kit?

Everyone has their own morphology and equipment. What is good for one drummer will not necessarily be suitable for another. The goal is to be comfortable and minimize physical efforts...

Which drums to play jazz ?

There is no compulsory configuration to play Jazz with your drums... You can practice this musical style with Rock or Fusion drums. Nevertheless, most jazz drummers prefer small size drums...

What are the three main instruments that make up a drum set?

A drum kit, as its name indicates, is a set of percussion instruments assembled to compose a complete set. Before...

Which drums to play rock ?

If jazz drummers mostly prefer small drumsets, it is quite different for rock drummers...

Which snare drum to play rock ?

Rock is about power and big sound... Most rock drummers choose snare drums of 14 inches in diameter, with depths of 6 to 8 inches or more!

What is the best acoustic drum kit?

The best acoustic drum set is the one that makes you want to play, play, and play again! There is no really objective answer to this question...

What is the best bass drum pedal?

The bass drum pedal is a very important part of the drum set. It is with it that you will play your bass drum with your foot. And the kick is the backbone of your playing!

What size bass drum?

The bass drum is the largest drum in the drum kit. It is therefore the resonance box that provides the loudest and lowest sound. the loudest and lowest sound. There are bass drums made of different types of wood, metal, plexi, fiberglass...

Which brand for a good music drum set?

Here, I might as well tell you right away, we will inevitably defend our brand! It must be said that we manufacture them for you you with passion, love, as always since the beginning of the existence of our manufacture in 1927.

What resonant drumhead?

The batter head is situated It is the one on which you hit with your stick. The resonant drumhead (or reso' skin for the initiated) is the one located on the lower part of the barrel, opposite the batter head...

How to hold drum stick?

You've finally decided to learn to play the drums... That's great! The first thing you need to pick up to learn the drums or snare drum is the sticks.

How to read drum set music ?

Learning to play a musical instrument requires patience perseverance and passion. Learning the drums is no exception to this rule! Indeed, the drums require many hours of training, independence exercises of training, exercises of independence, rehearsals...

How much does a drum set cost?

Sorry for the comparison, but drums (musical instruments) are a bit like cars: there are drums at all prices, and sometimes the only common point between all of them is the number of wheels / the number of toms.

How to make a drum ?

how to make a drum what are drums made of. Knowing how to play drums is one thing, knowing how to make them is another...

Who invented drumming ?

Who had the crazy idea of inventing the drums one day? The origins are not so old, even if the snare drum was invented in the middle invented in the middle of the 19th century...

What is a snare drum ?

The snare drum is a percussion instrument with a vibrating tone (mostly metal) on its bottom skin called the tone skin or resonant skin. It is one of the main elements of the drum set...

How to play the snare drum?

The snare drum is perhaps the instrument that is played the most on your drum set. What makes the snare drum different from from all the other shells...