Drum kit Jean Charles de Castelbajac

Limited Edition in only 27 copies

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This exceptional drum set is dedicated to lovers of unique and exclusive kits. This model alone represents a real world premiere, because never before has a great star of French Haute Couture collaborated with a musical instrument manufacturer.

Produced in only 27 copies, in reference to the year our brand was created, this true "Art Drum" was born from our partnership with the famous fashion designer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac. It is directly inspired by the iconic "Bleu Blanc Rouge" model created in a single copy in 1970 for René Guérin, drummer of the famous Martin Circus band.

This exceptional drum set signed JCC+ ASBA embodies the excellence of French know-how, pop culture and the power of music in our lives, like the creations of Jean-Charles de Castelbajac for Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Vanessa Paradis, Katy Perry, Jacno, Kraftwerk and Kanye West...

Jean-Charles de Castelbajac has always been inspired by Rock and Roll, music is at the very heart of his inspiration. Friendships or collaborations with the New York Dolls, Telephone, Heldon, Malcolm McLaren, Sparks, Elli and Jacno and many others today, have punctuated his life. It was therefore logical that he wanted to rethink instruments. Collaboration with ASBA is natural. Graphic design, rhythm, colour and sound, Jean-Charles de Castelbajac has rethought the ASBA drum kit between heraldism and Bauhaus. The primary colours and the omnipresence of black are the signature. JCC+ wants to pay tribute to the mythical drummers who have rythmed his life: John Bonham, Ginger Baker, Jim McCarty and Ron Bushy.


Dimensions: Bass Drum 22'' x 16'' / Rack Tom 12'' x 8'' / Floor Tom 16'' x 16'' / Snare 14'' x 6,5''

Shells: 6 ply, premium American maple

Bearing edge: Bevelled 45°

ASBA plate: Matt Black Exclusive Edition JCC+ ASBA

Hardware: Matt Black Exclusive Edition JCC+ ASBA

Drumheads: Customized drumheads Exclusive Edition JCC+ ASBA 

Finish: Exclusive Edition JCC+ ASBA

Manufacturing: Handcrafted in our workshop in Lyon-France

Mark: Numbered Tag from 1 to 27

Drumhead Fit Control Technology: All our shells undergo a rigorous control, ensuring the perfect flatness of our bearing edges. This technology guarantees a very high precision contact between the drumhead and the shell. The result is a huge tuning range, from the most "fat" sound to the most vocal settings. Whatever expressiveness you are looking for, the ASBA shells offer you the ultimate in musical quality.

Included: Matt Black Tom stand & Matt Black Snare stand, 2 flags, JCC+ drumsticks 

Not included: Cymbals & cymbal stand, Hi-Hat cymbals & Hi-Hat stand

Delivery time: Approx. 30 working days, depending on availability in stock

Non contractual pictures. 

Photo Jean Charles de Castelbajac : ©Nicola Pianalto


Brian Irving

Pro drummer and collector

“It was the quality of the finish that hooked me, but it was the quality of the workmanship and the incredible sound 

that finally convinced me! I’m very happy to have found the authenticity of the original ASBA, one of my first drums 40 years ago! My new one is with me on all my projects now”

Antoine Baschung

Drummer of the band LAST TRAIN

“I knew it was her from the first time I hit it. It’s easy to tune and the strainer is really strong. It’s saved me a lot of time on tour and it’s a real pleasure to hear it every night... “

Alain Mandigo

Professional drummer and show producer

“I have chosen ASBA because of the spirit and the closeness of the team, the extraordinary sound of the drums, the 

look and the diversity of 

the ranges, the quality of manufacture... I regularly recommend ASBA to all the professional musicians I know, as I am sure they will be totally satisfied with their purchase, both in terms of quality and the diversity of the range... "