ASBA Metal


The legend is back!

ASBA had made its mark by creating for the charismatic founder and drummer of Magma, Christian Vander, a kit made entirely of steel in the early 70s'.

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Available from 7 December 2020
Dimensions : Bass Drum 20"x14'' / Rack Tom 13"x8'' / Floor Tom 16"x16''
Shell : Brushed stainless steel - Thickness 1mm
Badge : ASBA screen-printed steel
Drum parts : High-quality chrome, exclusive ASBA design
Hoops : Triple flanged steel hoops
Bass drum hoops : Maple with vintage stain handcrafted
Manufacturing : Handcrafted in our workshop in Lyon - France
Stamp : Stamped label inside the shell certifying the date of manufacturing of the instrument
The story

"I want a kit that sounds 'metal'...", Vander had asked Marc Périn, Alfred Boudard's nephew who was then in charge of Artist Relations, for a kit. The idea only made one turn : To sound 'metal', laughs better than... metal! Direction a tolerie of the Paris area to buy the first stainless steel sheets to realize the drum kit out of standard of a group which is it as much. Legend has it that Christian, so impatient to test this UFO, literally jumped into the delivery truck to try out his new kit.

This innovation had made so much noise at the time, that many drummers, both in Jazz and Rock circles, had equipped themselves with it all over Europe and as far as the west coast of the USA. 

With this new METAL kit, we are re-releasing this iconic model to offer you, even today, the unique and unequalled sound of this legendary kit!







Guillaume Pihet

Professional drummer, speaker at the Music Academy International (M.A.I) and autor of learning methods

“The new ASBA models were love at first sight for me! Top-of-the-range equipment that rhymes with elegance, finesse and excellence “à la française”. I’m a big fan of the sound, its versatility and its look... as well as its simplicity to tune it. My drums sing in a controlled resonance (bye bye handkerchiefs and moongel)... a delight. "

Jerome Goudour

Drum teacher at the Conservatory

“I really appreciate the sound of course... and also the lightness; the easiness of tuning and the versatility (for me who goes from jazz to rock it’s perfect). It’s an instrument that “sounds” ... you can throw out the moongels and let it express itself. "

Alain Mandigo

Professional drummer and show producer

“I have chosen ASBA because of the spirit and the closeness of the team, the extraordinary sound of the drums, the 

look and the diversity of  the ranges, the quality of manufacture... I regularly recommend ASBA to all the professional musicians I know, as I am sure they will be totally satisfied with their purchase, both in terms of quality and the diversity of the range... "