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Super Simone Drum Kit

Premium American maple 6 ply

At ASBA, we have always paid tribute to women in the names of our musical instruments or accessories. Remember the famous Caroline pedal with worldwide success… Its name was taken directly from Caroline Humair, one of the daughters of the famous jazz drummer Daniel Humair with whom this revolutionary accessory had been developed.

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Choose your configuration below
Choisissez votre cercle de grosse caisse
Dimensions : Bass drum 22"x16" / Tom 10"x8" or 12"x8" / Floor Tom 14"x14" or 16"x16"
Configuration : Several Rock or Fusion configurations in 3, 4 or 5 shells (select from the scrolling menu above)
Shell : 6 ply, premium American maple
Bearing edges : Bevelled 45°
Badge : ASBA SIMONE, Screen-printed steel
Drum parts : High-quality chrome, exclusive ASBA design
Finish : Hand tinted black, polishing by hand, vintage satin varnish
Bass drum hoops : Available in 3 finishes: Yellow, dark brown or light brown (select above)
Manufacturing : Handcrafted in our workshop in Lyon - France
Stamp : Stamped label inside the shell certifying the date of manufacturing of the instrument
Preparation : Application of beeswax inside the shell
Included : Bass drum and Floor tom stand.
Not included : Hardware. Optional tom holder (tom mount type) available for 3 shells configurations
Bass drum head : Delivered with drum head with or without holes
The story
Drum kit Super Simone 22" [Musical Instrument] | ASBA - 1

In the 60s, 70s and 80s, there were also Virginie, Veronique, Linda and other ranges of accessories born from collaborations with musicians of the time.

By creating the kit SUPER SIMONE, we want to pay tribute to Simone Boudard, the "S" of ASBA. The dimensions of the SUPER SIMONE comply with the standards of the brand's historical models (with international dimensions). Its shells, made of 6 horizontal plies of first choice American maple, offer exceptional musicality. 

Drumhead Fit Control Technology: All our shells undergo a rigorous control, ensuring the perfect flatness of our bearing edges. This technology guarantees a very high precision contact between the drumhead and the shell. The result is a huge tuning range, from the most "fat" sound to the most vocal settings. Whatever expressiveness you are looking for, the ASBA shells offer you the ultimate in musical quality.

Tom suspension system (Tom mount type) available on option.
Hardware not included.
Delivery time: Approx. 30 working days, depending on availability in stock
Snare sold separately

Non contractual pictures. 

ASBA Super Simone 22 12 16 FULL Tuning

ASBA Super Simone 22 12 16 FULL Tuning


Brian Irving

Pro drummer and collector

“It was the quality of the finish that hooked me, but it was the quality of the workmanship and the incredible sound 

that finally convinced me! I’m very happy to have found the authenticity of the original ASBA, one of my first drums 40 years ago! My new one is with me on all my projects now”

Jean Prat

Producer, composer, drummer of The Voice (Belgium)

“I really like the look, the finishes; the shells, I think they’re very beautiful... The easiness of tuning in all contexts, either on stage, in the studio, on TV... They are versatile drums, which can really fit into any musical style”

Bruno Pimienta

Pro drummer

“What do I like best about ASBA? Very honestly, I like everything: the manufacturing quality, the meticulous finishes, the rhodoïd. And the sound, you might say? Wow! Very, very heavy! Very high quality, as comfortable on stage as in the studio... “

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on 2021-05-25

What are the shell mm thickness for rack tom , floor tom , and bass drum ?


Hello Steven and thank you for your message. The thickness of the shells for our Super Simone Series is 7.5mm 

Musically, Maison ASBA.

on 2021-03-26

Je suis très intéressé par une batterie Super Simone en 22 10 12 14 mais je vois qu'on peut uniquement choisir le coloris du cercle de grosse caisse? Elle est disponible seulement en noir? Merci pour votre retour



Nous vous invitons à nous contacter à l'adresse suivante: 1927@asbadrums.com pour toute demande de modèle "Custom".


Maison ASBA.

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