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Révélation Drum Kit Cream


Choose your configuration below
Configuration : Several Rock or Fusion configurations in 3, 4 or 5 shells (select from the scrolling menu above). Other configuration on request. Download detailed configurations below.
Shell : "Vintage" manufacturing 3-ply Mahogany/Poplar/Mahogany, according to exclusive ASBA specifications in line with the brand's historical manufacturing method
Bearing edges : Rounded with beechwood reinforcement ring 45° bevelled
Badge : ASBA Gold (chrome available on request)
Drum parts : High-quality chrome, exclusive ASBA design, as in the 60s
Hoops : Chrome on die cast
Finish : CREAM
Premium wrap
Bass drum hoops : Beechwood Hoop with inlay matching the finish
Manufacturing : Handcrafted in our workshop in Lyon - France
Stamp : Stamped label inside the shell certifying the date of manufacturing of the instrument
Preparation : Application of beeswax inside the shell
Included : Bass drum and Floor tom stand.
Not included : Hardware. Optional tom holder (tom mount type) available for 3 shells configurations
Bass drum head : Delivered with drum head with or without holes
Rack Tom Mount : 10.5mm
The story
Kit Revelation Cream [musical instrument] | ASBA - 1

A reference to the classic sounds of the 50's, the Mahogany / Poplar / Mahogany configuration is one of the warmest ones. Depth and character are more pronounced in quieter and softer musical settings, while large round sounds appea when things get a little louder.

Drumhead Fit Control Technology: All our shells undergo a rigorous control, ensuring the perfect flatness of our bearing edges. This technology guarantees a very high precision contact between the drumhead and the shell. The result is a huge tuning range, from the most "fat" sound to the most vocal settings. Whatever expressiveness you are looking for, the ASBA shells offer you the ultimate in musical quality.
Tom suspension system included (Tom Mount type). Hardware not included.
Delivery time: Approx. 90 days
Snare drum sold separately.

Non contractual pictures.
Your musical instrument is equipped with a synthetic coating produced by Delmar®, a major American manufacturer and supplier of all brands of 'Premium' drum kits. We have noticed that, despite the care taken in the installation of this coating, it can be very sensitive to sunlight and heat.
We strongly recommend that you protect your instrument by using a cover, a sheet or a 'survival' type blanket when you are not using it. We cannot be held responsible for the risk of deterioration.


Revelation configurations

Details of standard configurations Revelation model

Download (189.64k)
David Salkin tries the kit ASBA Révélation 2018

David Salkin tries the kit ASBA Révélation 2018

Discover here the friendly test of David Salkin (Zazie's drummer, among others…) of our Revelation kit 2018. Thanks to David Salkin, Damien Boulier (Director), Laurent de Boisgisson (Sound Recording), OneTwoPassit: Recording & mixing studio - Paris, Nico Meyer Zildjan France, Evans Drumheads, Baptiste Bidault
ASBA kit Révélation - FULL Tuning

ASBA kit Révélation - FULL Tuning


Jean Prat

Producer, composer, drummer of The Voice (Belgium)

“I really like the look, the finishes; the shells, I think they’re very beautiful... The easiness of tuning in all contexts, either on stage, in the studio, on TV... They are versatile drums, which can really fit into any musical style”

Caroline Geryl

Professional drummer (Pomme, Naïve newbeaters...)

“I wanted an instrument that would be the mirror of my playing in its authenticity, precision and warmth. 

And beyond answering it, she sublimates it. We’ re unlimited creatively and technically. You can go there with one’s eyes closed, it’s really the bomb!!!! "

Alain Mandigo

Professional drummer and show producer

“I have chosen ASBA because of the spirit and the closeness of the team, the extraordinary sound of the drums, the 

look and the diversity of 

the ranges, the quality of manufacture... I regularly recommend ASBA to all the professional musicians I know, as I am sure they will be totally satisfied with their purchase, both in terms of quality and the diversity of the range... "

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on 2021-03-22

Bonjour, Est-il prévu dans un avenir proche de re-editer/designer le hardware des 70’s ? En particulier à l’attache-Tom avec rail qui était excellente, voir les « coquilles » de pics et perchette. Un support Simple Tom re-editer et un double créé ce serait super bien . Conscient que l’argument marketing pèse dans la balance. L’arc mount ludwig est top , mais l’asba a bien plus de cachet. Merci d’avoir redonné vie à la Marque, à la musique ,... à la France !


Bonjour et merci infiniment pour votre message et soutien ! Le hardware fait bien évidemment partie de notre réflexion. Ce n'est qu'une question de temps avant de pouvoir proposer une gamme de hardware 100% ASBA.

Musicalement, Maison ASBA.

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