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Bass Drum Simone Studio Pocket


Simone Studio Pocket, the kick that follows you everywhere!

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Dimensions : 20'' x 5,5''
Badge : ASBA Simone Série Studio laser engraving
Hoops : Steel Black or Chrome metal depending on available stock
Finish : Black vintage coating
Handle : Plastic handle with metal lining
Bass drum head : Delivered with drum head with or without holes
The story
Simone Studio Pocket Bass drum 20''x5,5'' | ASBA - 1

Discover Simone Studio Pocket, the kick that goes with you everywhere! Very light, very practical, ultra resistant, this ultra compact bass drum can be slipped into the smallest of places in just 2 or 3 movements. 

Pedal not included

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The history of the ASBA brand

ASBA is a French manufacturer of drum kits and percussion instruments. The company was founded by Alfred Boudard in Brévannes (Paris region) in 1927. Today, ASBA still embodies know-how and excellence worldwide. It is at the origin of numerous innovations such as the Caroline bass drum pedal, the 'Gigogne' drum kit, the tilter or the 'perche' cymbal stand. The factory is currently located in Lyon (69) and distributes its instruments in many European countries, North America and Canada.

ASBA Simone Studio Pocket - Sound check

ASBA Simone Studio Pocket - Sound check

ASBA - Simone Studio Pocket - Jungle set - ep 1

ASBA - Simone Studio Pocket - Jungle set - ep 1

KIT Simone Studio Pocket (low tuning)

KIT Simone Studio Pocket (low tuning)

KIT Simone Studio Pocket (medium & high tuning)

KIT Simone Studio Pocket (medium & high tuning)


Jean Prat

Producer, composer, drummer of The Voice (Belgium)

“I really like the look, the finishes; the shells, I think they’re very beautiful... The easiness of tuning in all contexts, either on stage, in the studio, on TV... They are versatile drums, which can really fit into any musical style”

Guillaume Pihet

Professional drummer, speaker at the Music Academy International (M.A.I) and around learning methods

“The new ASBA models were love at first sight for me! Top-of-the-range equipment that rhymes with elegance, finesse and excellence “à la française”. I’m a big fan of the sound, its versatility and its look... as well as its simplicity to tune it. My drums sing in a controlled resonance (bye bye handkerchiefs and moongel)... a delight. "

Sebastien Robin

Drum teacher & Youtuber

“I recommend this brand obviously to all professionals, but also to every drummer who is starting to have a little experience with the instrument and who dreams of finding his own sound!  ASBA is the easiness to sneak between all styles of music, in one turn of the key... It sounds terrific!”

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on 2022-03-02

Bonjour, Combien pèse la grosse Simone Studio Pocket ? merci ! Peter


Bonjour et merci pour votre message.

Le poids de la grosse caisse Simone Studio Pocket est d'environ 7kg.


on 2021-12-14

Hola, este bombo se puede pedir con un tom de 10x7 y 14x14 de la misma serie "studio" y mismo acabado? Como el kit que sale en you tube. Que precio tendría. Gracias, saludos


Hola y gracias por su mensaje. 

Es posible pedir un bombo de bolsillo Simone Studio con batería. Sin embargo, por el momento no ofrecemos tambores de 10 "x7" en serie. Así que te reenvío el correo electrónico de nuestro comercial, Saúl, que podrá responder a todas tus preguntas y darte un presupuesto.

Saúl Ramírez:

Musicalmente, el equipo de ASBA

Loris Larosa
on 2021-01-26

Bonjour, J'envisage d'acheter cette grosse caisse, (simone studio pocket) Je vois que le cerclage n'est pas plat, il comporte un rebord. Désirant avoir la possibilité de trigger cette grosse caisse, je sais par expérience que les trigger ne se fixent pas bien sur ce genre de cerclage. Est-il possible de la commander avec un autre cerclage ? Cordialement


Bonjour Loris

Oui c’est tout à fait possible. Il vous suffit de le préciser dans la partie « commentaires » lors du passage de commande.
Les cercles en bois teintés noir seront alors montés sur votre grosse caisse Pocket.

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