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Kit Simone Pocket, the travel drum kit.

Small in size, huge in sound. The Simone Pocket kit is all the power and roundness of American premium maple, available in a very compact and easy to carry set. Equipped with stainless steel screws (inside the barrels), handles and an amp-like coating, the Simone Pocket kit will surprise you with its sturdiness, its lightness (12kg for the 3 elements), its ease of installation, its small size which makes it easy to store, and its ability to fit in a small car trunk for example...

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Dimensions : 20"x5.5" 14"x8" 12"x5.5"
Badge : ASBA Simone Série Studio laser engraving
Finish : Black vintage coating
Bass drum hoops : Steel Black or Chrome metal depending on available stock
Not included : Snare drum stand
Handle : Plastic handle with metal lining
Bass drum head : Delivered with drum head with or without holes
Rack Tom Mount : 10.5mm
The story
Simone Studio Pocket Bass drum 20''x5,5'' | ASBA - 1

The Simone Pocket drum kit is the ultimate companion drum kit that fits everywhere, at a music party, an impromptu gig, a mini stage in a restaurant, an already crowded studio or a classroom to accommodate an extra student. The bass drum + snare drum + intermediate tom kit fits in a pocket with a floor space of only 1m2 (without the cymbals)...

As for the sound, it has everything of a great one: incredibly generous bass despite its small size, an ease of adjustment offering you an immense versatility, whatever the sound you like, from the most fat to the most singing...

Funk, Rock, Jazz, Pop, the Simone Pocket kit adapts to all your desires and all styles, in a few turns of the key. The coating is reminiscent of a good leather perfecto, both in its imitation appearance and its resistance to shocks, scratches and splashes of liquid (a beer for example!). Moreover, you don't need a cover, your Simone Pocket kit has a tough skin.

However, the Simone Pocket's cover is based on Fender® music amplifiers and hifi technology and is designed not to muffle or alter the resonance of the drums. Metal hoops on each drum, including the bass drum, give you a true all-terrain drum kit that won't be afraid of the wildest gigs... The transportability of a drum kit has always been a subject of innovation and reflection for us, this drum set echoes the "Gigogne ASBA" drum kit invented in the 70s.

Simone Pocket innovations:

  • The carrying handles on the bass drum and the tom
  • The 12x5.5 maple mini snare drum with only 6 rods
  • The amp-like coating on each of the drums
  • The very small footprint: only 1m2
  • The light weight of the kit (12kg)
  • The optional carrying cases
  • The metal hoops of the bass drum
  • The compact size studied for spaces with little or no soundproofing

the kit is composed of a bass drum, a floor tom and a snare drum.

The history of the ASBA brand

ASBA is a French manufacturer of drum kits and percussion instruments. The company was founded by Alfred Boudard in Brévannes (Paris region) in 1927. Today, ASBA still embodies know-how and excellence worldwide. It is at the origin of numerous innovations such as the Caroline bass drum pedal, the 'Gigogne' drum kit, the tilter or the 'perche' cymbal stand. The factory is currently located in Lyon (69) and distributes its instruments in many European countries, North America and Canada.

NEW Simone Studio Pocket Drum Kit !

NEW Simone Studio Pocket Drum Kit !

ASBA Studio Pocket - Guillaume Pihet Sound Test

ASBA Studio Pocket - Guillaume Pihet Sound Test

CL6ut2rss68 ASBA Simone Studio Pocket - Sound check

CL6ut2rss68 ASBA Simone Studio Pocket - Sound check

KIT Simone Studio Pocket (medium & high tuning)

KIT Simone Studio Pocket (medium & high tuning)


Guillaume Pihet

Pro drummer - ASBA

This Simone Studio Pocket bass drum has something shamanic about it: Small in size, huge in sound. A lot of attack and a Sub... That comes out of nowhere considering the size... This is the Asba magic. It is light, solid and easily transportable with its handle. Moreover, it takes little space on stage! What more could you ask for? Thank you Asba ! 

Fabien Tournier

Pro drummer - ASBA

The Asba Pocket kit is a killer, for having tried it in several conditions (clubs, concert halls, bars, studios, in the street, sound, acoustic ...) The sound of this drum kit is crazy and another advantage is its size. BIG sound, SMALL size! (Like me 🤣🤣) People's reaction when I show up with this kit is often the same "what's with the drum kit? Is it a toy?  I answer them "we'll talk about it after the show 😉" . For now, 100% of the people who were mixed when they saw this kit came to apologize by telling me that it is not a toy at all but a war machine!

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on 2022-05-13

Pourquoi le prix du kit simone pocket est de 1599€ alors que la GC la CC et le floor tom achetés separement reviennent a 1499€ ? Qu’est-ce qu’il y a en plus dans le kit ? Merci !



Il s'agissait d'une erreur liée aux prix des différents éléments composant le kit Simone Studio Pocket.

Merci d'avoir fait remonter cette anomalie.

Musicalement, Maison ASBA

on 2022-04-28

Bonjour, Prévoyez-vous d'ajouter un tom aigu à ce set pour le compléter ? Si un jour je dois transporter régulièrement ma batterie, ce sera sur celle-ci que portera mon choix, car j'adore ma batterie Simone. :-) Merci d'avance. Cordialement


Bonjour et merci pour votre message,

Il n'est pas prévu d'ajouter un tom aigu au kit Simone Studio Pocket. Cependant, il vous est possible de commander un tom aigu dans la gamme Simone Studio. Nous les proposons en 10"x8" ou en 12"x8".

Musicalement, Maison ASBA.

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