Floor tom Simone Studio Pocket


Tom Simone Pocket, the travel tom.

Small in size, huge in sound. The Simone Pocket tom (14 inches in diameter and 8 inches deep) is all the power and roundness of premium American maple, available in a medium-sized tom that is resolutely compact and super easy to carry. Equipped with stainless steel screws (inside the barrel), a handle and a typical 'amp' coating, the Simone Pocket tom will surprise you with its sturdiness, its lightness, its ease of installation, its small size which makes it easy to store, and its ability to fit in a small car trunk or in public transportation for example...

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Dimensions : 14"x8"
Badge : ASBA Simone Série Studio laser engraving
Hoops :
Finish : Black vintage coating
Handle : Plastic handle with metal lining
Bass drum head : Delivered with drum head with or without holes
Rack Tom Mount : 10.5mm
The story
Simone Studio Pocket Bass drum | ASBA - 1

In terms of sound, it has everything of a classic tom:

Incredibly generous bass despite its small size, an ease of adjustment offering you immense versatility, whatever sound you like, from the fattest to the most singing... Funk, Rock, Jazz, Pop, the Simone Pocket kit adapts to all your desires and to all styles, in a few turns of the key. The Simone Pocket medium tom is the perfect companion tom to complement a snare drum, or the Simone Pocket bass drum for a music party or an impromptu gig, a mini stage in a restaurant, an already crowded studio or a classroom to accommodate an extra student.

The coating is reminiscent of a good leather perfecto with its imitation look and its resistance to shocks, scratches and liquid splashes (e.g. beer!). So you can save on a carrying case, your Simone Pocket tom has a tough skin. Based on the hifi technology and Fender® music amps, this coating is designed not to alter or muffle the resonance of the drum.

The transportability of a drum kit has always been a subject of innovation and reflection for us. The Simone Pocket range echoes the "Gigogne ASBA" drum kit invented in the 70s.

The innovations of the Simone Pocket tom:

  • The carrying handle on the side of the tom
  • The compact size (14x8) designed for spaces with little or no soundproofing
  • The ampli-like coating of the drum is shockproof and scratchproof
  • The light weight of the tom
  • The optional carrying case

The history of the ASBA brand

ASBA is a French manufacturer of drum kits and percussion instruments. The company was founded by Alfred Boudard in Brévannes (Paris region) in 1927. Today, ASBA still embodies know-how and excellence worldwide. It is at the origin of numerous innovations such as the Caroline bass drum pedal, the 'Gigogne' drum kit, the tilter or the 'perche' cymbal stand. The factory is currently located in Lyon (69) and distributes its instruments in many European countries, North America and Canada.

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