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Dimensions 14" x 6,5"

Die cast or Steel hoops

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By creating the SIMONE snare, we want to pay tribute to Simone Boudard, the "S" of ASBA. Its shell, made of 6 horizontal plies of premium American maple, offer exceptional musicality. 

Dimensions : 14" x6,5"
Hoops : Steel or die cast (select the option above)
Shell : 6 ply, premium American Maple
Bearing edge: Bevelled 45°
ASBA plate: Screen-printed steel
Drum parts: High quality chrome, exclusive ASBA design 
Finish: Hand tinted black, vintage satin varnish, polishing by hand
Handcrafted : in our workshop in Lyon, France
Label certifying the date of manufacturing of the instrument

Drumhead Fit Control Technology: All our shells undergo a rigorous control, ensuring the perfect flatness of our bearing edges. This technology guarantees a very high precision contact between the drumhead and the shell. The result is a huge tuning range, from the most "fat" sound to the most vocal settings. Whatever expressiveness you are looking for, the ASBA shells offer you the ultimate in musical quality.

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