Motta Family

In December 1941, he won the prize for best soloist at the tournament of French jazz hopes, organized by the Hot Club de France, salle Pleyel in Paris. In 1943, he was sent to Vienna as part of the Service du Travail Obligatoire where he played in dance and jazz orchestras. He accompanies Roby Davis, saxophonist who is part of the Parisian jazzmen's circle (Combelle, etc.). When he returned in 1945-1946, he played in the orchestras of Hubert Rostaing and Tony Proteau. It can therefore be assumed that it was Rostaing who introduced him to Django for the 1946 registration session. He accompanied Django again in 1948, in Hubert Rostaing's sextet. Thereafter, Arthur Motta can be heard in jazz orchestras (those of Hubert Rostaing, Claude Bolling, Léo Chauliac, Pierre Gossez or his brother Armand Motta). He accompanies Elec Bacsik for a bossa nova record. He formed the Jet Quartet with Geo Daly and Jean Bouchety. He also produced typical music records (boleros etc.) under the name Arturo Motta and its chicaboums. The covers of these discs are from the same base as the original covers of Tchan Tchou's discs (I let you go see). For the anecdote, he is also a studio musician and replaces the original drummer of Les Chaussettes Noires on their first recordings (this drummer being apparently of a lower level).

Arthur's brother, René, is also a drummer and can be heard on some of Manouche Partie's songs (the other drummer is Mac-Kak Reilles). René's son, Patrick Motta, is also a drummer. At the Motta family, it's like at ASBA, we connect générations!

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