Our production methods

The production of our snare drums: 100% metal chrome strainer

In the tradition of the famous parallel strainer manufactured by Asba in the 1960s for the Super Revelation, we equip each of our snare drums with a 100% metal chrome strainer. The only small plastic parts are used only for aesthetic purposes and do not interfere at all with its operating mechanics. Particularly robust, smooth and reliable, this high quality strainer ensures ultimate fineness in your settings and maximum durability. The perfect precision of its assembly avoids any risk of parasitic vibrations while guaranteeing the shell a greater purity in its resonance.

The manufacture of our wooden shells: The exclusive pure sound of Asba!

Our drums are entirely designed and assembled by hand in our workshop in France. Our shells are manufactured according to strict and exclusive Asba specifications, which are strongly inspired by the original models, but equipped with technical improvements at the cutting edge of modern production processes: numerically controlled machines, quality control, traceability of raw materials, eco-responsibility... We select the wood used ourselves, whether for the shells themselves, theeinforcement rings or the bass drum circles. This way, you get the Asba sound that has made our brand famous, with the guarantee that you will never find it elsewhere, on a custom kit or at another manufacturer. Our hardware is manufactured from our original designs, in the largest factory specialized in this field, which already produces the parts for 80% of our famous colleagues.

Drumhead Fit Control Technology: All our shells undergo a rigorous control, ensuring the perfect flatness of our bearing edges. This technology guarantees a very high precision contact between the drumhead and the shell. The result is a huge tuning range, from the most "fat" sound to the most vocal settings. Whatever expressiveness you are looking for, the ASBA shells offer you the ultimate in musical quality.

Our Rive Gauche kits: Maple/Poplar/Maple

Many of the sounds, grooves and players that inspire today's best rock drummers come from a time when this ply configuration was the rule. Although these shells are based on classic 1970s drums, the Maple/Poplar/Maple shells are of a class of their own. They have a wide adjustment range, a warm tone, a round attack and a fast decrease.

Our Revelation kits : Mahogany/Poplar/Mahogany

A reference to the classic sounds of the 1950s, the mahogany/poplar configuration is one of the warmest ones. Depth and character are more pronounced in quieter and softer musical settings, while large round sounds appear when things get a little louder.