René Nan

In the 1960s, René Nan became one of Claude Nougaro's regular drummers and shared studio sessions and the Nougaro scene with Michel Portal, Maurice Vander and Eddy Louiss. In 1968 René Nan followed his friend Eddy Louiss to the West Indies where he settled for nine years and recorded a few records that became mythical, such as the Trio Bravo.

In the 1970s, René Nan played with some of the biggest names in jazz in France, the West Indies and Canada, including Archie Sheep, Jef Gilson, Georges Arvanitas and Marius Cultier. With the musicians of the neighbourhood too. With young artists to whom he taught groove. With friends.... As our colleagues from Midi Libre pointed out, René Nan "enjoyed this life as a bohemian musician, made of simplicity and unknown futures". Since his return to France, René Nan has preferred to remain in the shadows rather than in the spotlight. After his return to France, he was responsible for some great pieces of contemporary jazz.

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